Our Lenses
Your eyes are our priority.
Our optical lenses come standard with anti-reflective coating.
Single vision sunglasses come standard with polarized lenses. You really do get the best of everything!
What is Anti-Reflective Coating?
Anti-reflective coating is a special coating process that is applied to lenses so that reflections of light from the front and back surfaces of your eyeglass lenses are reduced.
Eliminate those unattractive reflections on your lenses and let others see YOU, not your glasses.
What is the difference?
Lenses with AR coating help improve your vision by allowing more light to pass through the lenses and enter your eyes, reduce glare and halos around light at night, help improve contrast, and reduces eyestrain (compared to lenses without AR coating).
What is Polarized Sunwear?
Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks the unwanted horizontal component of light, and allows the vertical component, the one preferred for clear vision, of light to enter. This helps to reduce glare and enhance your outdoor experience.
Benefits of Polarized Lenses
So, why are polarized lenses so awesome?
First of all, they help reduce reflections and eliminate glare. This not only enhances your clarity of vision and contrast, but it also gives you a better perception of colors. Polarized lenses also help to reduce eyestrain. And the best part about polarized sunglasses is that they help reduce the harmful effects of UV light while keeping you stylish.
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