One for One
There are millions of people who are in need of better vision around the globe. Every year, we travel around the world to distribute the same amount of glasses we sell during the year. Our effort is to help fellow citizens of the world attain clearer vision. Every pair of glasses you purchase through is another pair donated. Help us spread the love, help saving lives with us!
A pair of glasses can change one’s life.
Among the 7.2 billion people living on this, 1.2 billion individuals live on less than a dollar each day. What’s more surprising is that 60% of those individuals (that’s 700 million people) suffer from some kind of vision problem.
These people struggle financially, and while there may be opportunities for better paying jobs, they can’t learn the skills they need because they can’t see. You see, people with vision problems are difficulty reading, writing, and learning skills for a new job. Many times, a pair of glasses is all they need, but they simply can’t afford it when they’re struggling financially.
Research has shown that people suffering from vision problems can increase their productivity by 30% if their vision is corrected. Correcting their vision also helps to increase their income by 20% since they can learn new skills, increase productivity, and hold better paying jobs.
The World Health Organization(WHO) has stated vision treatment is critically related to improving the lives of those who suffer from poverty.
Your purchase helps to give
another person the chance to see clearer.
It’s important to start with the basics, so we invest in more than glasses. Exams are critical in understand an individual’s eye health and vision so we have teams of trained professionals who perform eye exams in order to determine one’s needs. Based on the needs of each individual we reach, our opticians prepare the eyeglasses and we deliver them.
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